I will do everything in my power to help create a world where everybody can feel safe and secure.
I’ll try (to the best of my abilities) to treat everyone with (equal) dignity.

I’ll try to be aware of the full consequences of my actions
I’ll try to be aware of the feelings and needs that are present in any situation
I’ll verify by asking if there is even the slightest possibility of doubt
I’ll respect and help respect integrity
I’ll try to bring awareness to those that aren’t aware
I’ll be vulnerable to show the strength in vulnerability
I’ll try not to fold under pressure and act worthy in any circumstance
I’ll try to stay in touch with myself, that feeling that knows when something isn’t right
I will not tolerate any abuse of power and will protect anyone from it to the best of my abilities
I will not fight unless every other option has failed
I’ll try to be and stay the change we want to see

I’ll try to (be) love

Help each other out wherever you can
It’s the only way we’re going to make it together